150 million spiders set to invade homes this autumn


LONDON: Experts have warned that 150 million giant spiders are about to invade British homes as Spider Mating Season begins. There will be more of the dark orange-brown house spiders, which measure around 7.5cm, than previous years thanks to the warm summer producing more flies for them to feed on.
Simon Garrett, head of Conservation Learning at Bristol Zoological Society, told the Daily Mail: “Spiders don’t specifically want to enter your home – in fact, they’d rather stay away as there’s less food and it’s too dry and clean. It is the need to mate that changes their behaviour. Some will move into a house if there is an entry point for them.”
Pest controllers have recommended sealing the cracks in doors and removing plants from outside of your property. According to Metro, experts also say peppermint oil diluted in water and sprayed on doors and windowsills works as a deterrent, along with getting a cat to chase away the spiders.