UKIM flays ethnic cleansing in Myanmar, supports victims


LONDON: While heavily condemning the atrocities and massacre of Muslim Rohingya in Myanmar, the UK Islamic Mission, one of the major charity organisations in the UK, has announced full support for the victims.

Addressing a press conference with other office bearers and community leaders, Mohamed Riaz Wali (Secretary General) has said that his organisation wholeheartedly condemns the indiscriminate destruction and ethnic cleansing happening in Rakhine, Myanmar. “The displacement of over 250,000 people and then within the last two weeks, the burning of whole villages and the brutal assault on human life is nothing short of than crimes against humanity. The young,the old a nd the weak are facing wholesale and relentless terror on a mass scale”, he added.

He said that we appeal to the international community and in particular to the Myanmar government to take immediate steps to stop the killing and destruction. Moreover, urgent initiatives need to be taken to provide complete a nd full protection for lives and livelihoods, to offer shelter and subsistence to those who have been displaced and to enforce the rule of law to bring those committing terror and criminal acts to justice. Every life is priceless and everything needs to be done to safeguard it. Rohingya Muslims, the world’s most persecuted people, who are rejected by the country they call home and unwanted by its neighbours are impoverished, virtually stateless and have been fleeing Myanmar to save their lives.

He acquainted the media that the UKIM is on the ground since the start of conflict and working with its local partner providing emergency support and assistance in the form of food and essential items to thousands of people who have been displaced by conflict and the people inside Myanmar. UKIM is not only helping these destitute brothers and sister in emergency aid but also providing long-term sustainable help.

He said; “Since the recent conflict started UKIM relief has launched nationwide campaign to fundraise for Rohingya Muslims and raise over £100,000/¬ InshAllah we this money we will Jy delivering humanitarian projects for Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar and for refugees Bangladesh”.