Good to be back



It is good to be back after a few weeks but during these few weeks so many things have happened more bad than good. We just celebrated our Eid and many of you performed your Hajj but watching and reading about our other Muslim brothers and sisters suffering with floods, hunger and poverty is heart-breaking; the most painful news is the violence and killing of our Muslim brothers and sisters which the Burma Human Rights Network said that the violence and killing was backed by the government, Buddhist monks and ultra nationalist civilian groups.

Muslim girls have been raped and killed; now with the fire outbreak turning the whole village into ashes. Myanmar is facing growing condemnation from the Muslim world over its failure to halt the violence towards Muslims in Rohingya but I don’t understand how a woman who is the Prime Minister and receiving a Noble Prize can’t see or say something? Muslims are being burnt alive in mass killings, alongside rape and much more and she is sitting there not doing or saying anything. Is she afraid or scared from some unknown forces?
Whatever the reasons are what is happening is beyond words, how can we celebrate any festival when in different parts of the world people are running to save their own and their family’s lives, all this reminds many of us the partition period when India and Pakistan got freedom from British Raj. In Rohingya it is getting more worse, people are leaving their houses to be out of danger, estimated 123,600 Rohingya have fled to neighbouring Bangladesh to escape and it was so painful when I watched a show where Bangladesh PM was saying that we cannot take them and they shut the door on them, what kind of a Muslim are you? Have you forgotten when Our beloved Prophet PBUH came to Madina how Madina people welcomed all the people and shared everything with them. Those were the teaching of Islam, not to shut your door to your Muslim brothers and sisters who are running for their lives.  Many countries including Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan, Turkey and Iran have led efforts to increase pressure on the Myanmar government but seems like no one is listening.

Protests across the world for Rohingya started such as in Chechen Republic which was attended by more than a million people, also smaller protests outside Myanmar Embassy. Human lives must be rescued immediately without any delay. It is sad that they are rejected by their country which they call home and also unwanted by its neighbours.  UN officials told BBC (10 Jan 17), that the Rohingya are being collectively punished for militant attacks with the ultimate goal being ethnic cleansing.

Friends, as a Muslim and as a human being we need to raise our voice to put pressure on Myanmar government to stop this violence. Turkey took a nice gesture to ask Bangladesh to take these people and they will provide all the help and support to accommodate; all those Arabs they have tons of money they can easily help those vulnerable people but sadly nothing is happening. Our prayers and support are with them and let’s do whatever we can to save human lives.